Find Your Love As Early As Possible

Find Your Love As Early As Possible

There are countless dots in life. A few dots from your everyday life will connect to a few dots from tomorrow.

It is impossible to see any of these dots. Creating a connection between the past and the future takes time. Steve Jobs lived a life filled with misfortune and fortune. His biological mother, an unmarried graduate, gave him to a loving parent. His college experience led him to realize that he was not very interested in studying. Spending his parents’ money made him feel guilty. He finally left graduation.

He hung around the college for the next 18 months. In his friend’s room, he slept on the floor. In order to get to his most delicious dinner of the week, he walked between five and six miles on Sundays to a Hare Krishna temple. In the past, it was never clear how life was connecting his past with his future. He studied design and music. It wasn’t clear where it would lead him.

His ability to create sophisticated designs was clearly evident in his Macintosh product at Apple. Apple Computers was founded by him and Woz in 10 years of operation and became a $2 billion company in that time. Then the Apple board fired him. Steve was really hurt by this. It was snatched from him that he loved most.

After this, Steve wasn’t sure what to do. It was a public failure for him. He wanted to get out of Silicon Valley. He kept his inner core burning because of his love for him. Next and Pixar were two of the companies he started again. At graduation, he took a design course that helped him a lot. Pixar and Next were finally purchased by Apple. Once again, Steve became Apple’s CEO.

Throughout this story, all the dots were interconnected and woven together by destiny. A frustrating journey could have resulted. Steve once said that “Sometimes life hits you with a brick in the head.”. Hold on to your faith. Only my love for what I did kept me going. The majority of your day will be spent at work, and you can only be satisfied if you love and believe in what you’re doing. Keep searching for your love if you haven’t found it yet.”

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