One of the insights many people gained from all the time they had during the lockdown is how easy it is to learn a skill with today’s digital ecosystem.

“APTITUDE”  is the word that describes the ability to learn quickly and excel in them. Always remember to Up your aptitude level to make yourself successful in your life.

According to the report in the infographic, 60% of the Indian adults consider themselves lifelong learners; While 40% of the youth believe themselves underskilled and they fear missing out on growth opportunities, The excellent news is there are more learning platforms than ever in this era, So taking a course, lesson or a tutorial is as easy as typing in the skills you want to learn from even Google.

Being able to pick up a new skill quickly is an asset In today’s workplace, but our typical learning habits aren’t speedy enough. By breaking your goals down into its smaller compartment parts, you can speed up your learning time.

The key to learning any new motor skill- such as playing the piano or mastering a new sport- isn’t necessarily how many hours you spend practicing, but it is the way you practice, in this article we will learn it in full detail.

Now talking about reaping the benefits of learning, lifelong learning translates into helping oneself adapt to unanticipated changes quickly. This includes standing on your own feet after losing a job, a sudden change in duties as in your regular pattern of work.

One has to set a goal– 

Knowing your ultimate goal is the first step to learning anything, it’s what will keep you consistently progressing, especially when things are going hard. In short-make, a checklist and strike them off proudly, Always remember trying to learn something voluntarily just for the sake of learning lasts longer. When you set your goal, always have a bigger purpose. That motivates it; it is okay to be ambitious. When Micheal Jordan didn’t make his high school varsity football team as a sophomore, he didn’t wake up the everyday morning to shoot thousands of free throws so he could make it the next year, His goal was to become the best.

Break it down– 

Now the whole bunch of the things will be your goal; it’s easier to break down the items, start by doing research, always keep in mind your specific destination and overall purpose, no matter how small it starts enlisting it, this will help to keep your head cool rather than being jumbled with the massiveness of the thoughts of doing various works. As you begin to learn about the skill, start listing all the components involved in learning it, no matter how small, pin down as many as you can, but don’t worry about getting everything, You might not know all the components involved until after you start. The point is to start thinking analytically from the very outset.

Think of all the reasons you might give up –

The first few weeks or ten days of earning a new sill is the hardest. The beginning- when we are confronted for the first time with how much we don’t know yet know how to do – is when we are most liable to lose our motivation and quit. We all lose motivation eventually, and it’s better to see how you will deal with it ahead of time.

The 80/20 rule

This method is quite famous, Pareto’s Principle is 20% of your efforts will lead to 80% of your desired outcome, to break it short, Break down the most important skills you think which matters, for example, If you are learning a guitar, study that memorizing the four chords that make up the majority of the pop songs. In other words, whichever sub-skills you decide to focus on, make sure they are the most impactful ones.

Always remember the DISS method.

  • Deconstruction: How can I count all the things I want to know that is breaking up the parts, in short, what are the minimal learnable units I should start with?
  • Selection: Which steps should I focus on reaching my ultimate goal, Which 20% of the units should I focus on to get 80% of the outcome I want to achieve?
  • Sequencing: In what order will it be easier to learn.
  • Stakes– What are the consequences of me giving my time to these tasks? Will I be able to do these in this specific time, or should I be concentrating.

Now there is one more technique to make you focus on your learning period:

That is the POMODORO technique:

This is a unique technique that I use when I am on a task-

  • Step 1- Pick a job.
  • Step 2- Set a 25 min timer.
  • Step 3- Work on your job until the time is up.
  • Step 4- take a 5 minutes break.
  • Step 5- After every POMODORO’s, take a more extended 15-30 minutes break.

This means you can study for shorter periods than to check for long hours which makes your brain exhausted.

This is the technique which I swear by, now you can also with your strong willpower to make yourself a better version of yourself.

Now as I have talked earlier, Scientists have found a new method to make you learn everything fast that is called Reconsolidation, This is a process whereby existing memories are recalled and modified with new knowledge. The reports reveal our brain chemistry changes every time we learn new things, This is because different activities are capable of increasing the strength of synapses when you are learning a new skill, and the more you practice the new skill, the easier it will be for your brain to recollect and do your work.

Always remember, Failure is also just as critical in stimulating your brain in different ways. The new to achieve something comes from being a failure; The report suggests tracking a difficult problem without any instruction or assistance, the process of trying to solve a problem alone and not coming up with an answer has its rewards. Celebrate your mistakes and learn from them, don’t be harsh on yourself with failures.

When you learn new skills, you will have a New Perspective Towards lifelike, for example:

  • Change your mind and attitude by looking beyond what you already know.
  • A short period of study every day instead of a long one every week.
  • Monitor your progress and recognize yourself.

There is too much content here to make a summary, but let me stress the following.

With a sound system in place, learning new skills is not as hard as it seems, learning varied skills will, soon, be the only way to thrive, people who start now will not only have a future-proof themselves but will also have the upper hand.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to skill up your life!

You can do this!

Tune in for more exciting topics!